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Sami Abawi CV




Name:                                                     Sami Abawi


Date of Birth:                                         1948


Material Status:                                     Married


Nationality:                                             Jordanian


Education:                                              B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1975 University

                                                           of Baghdad, Iraq.

Languages:                                            Arabic Mother Tongue

                                                               English reading, speaking & writing excellent


Professional Association:                      Member of “Jordan Engineers Association”


Skills & Expertise:


        Design of Mechanical Systems.

        Preparation of Tender Drawings.

        Preparation of Technical Specifications.

        Preparation of Bill of Quantities.

        Head Office Support.

        Supervision of Construction of Mechanical Installations.

        Handling Over, Testing and Commissioning.

        Preparation of Evaluation Reports for Existing Installations.

        Preparation of Life Safety Reports for Existing Installations.

        Preparation of Quality Assurance Reports.


Professional Experience


  -  2006 – Present                        Design Development Center (DDC)

                                                       Amman, Jordan

                                                       Mechanical Engineer-Owner/Partner


  -  2004 – 2005                              Sami Abawi Consultant Engineer      Amman, Jordan

                                                         Owner/General Manager


 -  2002 -  2003                                   Omrania&Associates –Amman (Jordan)

                                                           Chief Mechanical Engineer


-  1999 – 2002                                       MEDA&Shrader Consulting Engineers

                                                          Amman, Jordan

                                                               Head of Mechanical Department


-  1989 – 1999                                       Arabtech Jardaneh-Amman (Jordan)

                                                               Senior Mechanical Engineer / Team Leader


 -  1981 – 1988                                      Dar Al-Handasah Consulting Engineers       Amman,Jordan / Mechanical Engineer


 -  1978 – 1981                                      Jardaneh & Partners Consulting Engineers

                                                              Amman,Jordan / Mechanical Engineer



-  1975 – 1978                                       Mazroui & Partners Contracting (U.A.E.)

                                                              Site Engineer


Responsible for the mechanical works of the projects undertaken by the company. As for design, worked on preparation of design and drawings, bills of quantities, and specifications of mechanical works for various projects as shown herein below. On supervision works included issues of approval to submittals, review of shop drawings, supervision of installation on site, testing, commissioning and hand over.


Mechanical Systems:


        Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services.

        Water Supply Services.

        Drainage and Storm Water Services.

        Fire Fighting Services.

        Medical Gases Services.

        Steam and Condensate Services.

        Industrial Compressed Air Services.

        Central Vacuum Services.

        Dust Extract Services.

        Swimming Pool Equipment Services.

        Irrigation Services


Types of Buildings/Projects:


        Hospitals and Medical Centers

        Hotels and Resorts

        Industrial Estates

        Borders Centers

        Malls and Commercial Buildings

        Trading Centers

        Offices Buildings

        Television Studio Buildings and Media Centers

        Sport Halls, Theaters and Sport Centers

        Industrial Factories

        Pharmaceutical Factories


        University and Schools

        Housing Buildings and Complex

        Free Zones Complex

        Residential Houses and Villas

        Banks and Financial Buildings


A. Design


1. Health Care Facilities


Responsible for the design of the mechanical systems including HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting, water supply, drainage network, compressed air and steam and medical gases for health care facilities.


1-  Taiz  Hospital in Taiz-Yemen-1999

  - Client Name:                 MPW-Yemen

  - Area:                           21000 m Buildings (200 beds)


2-  Yatta Hospital – Palestine-1999

 - Client Name:  

 - Area:                          5500 m Buildings (50 beds)


3-   Khalid Hospital-Palestine-2000

 - Client Name

 - Area:                          5700 m Buildings (50 beds)


4-  Al Ahli Hospital in Doha-Qatar – 1998

  - Client Name   :           Al Ahli Hospital Co. Qatar

  - Area             :           46000m Buildings (250 beds)


5-  Palestine Hospital Extension & Renovation in Amman-Jordan – 1997

  - Client Name   :           Palestine Hospital-Amman

  - Area             :           6000m Buildings (New) (50 beds)


6-  Princess Basma Hospital Extension &Renovation in Irbid-Jordan - 1997

  - Client Name   :           MPW-Jordan

  - Area             :           6000m Buildings (New) (50 beds)

                                               6500m Renovation (50 beds)


7-  Central Medical Stores in Al Mafraq-UAE - 1996

  - Client Name   :           MPW-UAE

  - Area             :           39000m Buildings



8-  Al Dhaid Hospital in Sharja-UAE - 1995

Client Name            :           MPW-U.A.E

Area                      :           11000m Buildings  (100 beds)


9-  Health care Center (12 Nos.) in UAE - 1994

Client Name            :           MPW-U.A.E

Area                      :           24000m Buildings         


10-Ibn Alhaytham Hospital Extention in Amman, Jordan (2004) : With Awni Tamimi  Engineering Office – Design of HVAC system for the 4th floor patient rooms,  5th floor operating rooms and recovery area. and 1st floor laboratories area.


11-Jordan University Hospital in Amman, Jordan (2004): With D&S Architects  and Engineers  - Design of medical gases of the extension of new emergency department

12-Al-Sharif Medical Center Amman-Jordan-2005


2. Commercial & Office Buildings


        Border Center (Sheik Hussein), Jordan – 1998.

        3rd Circle Substation & Commercial Building – 1997.

        Guards Administration Buildings at Al ain (U.A.E) – 1996.

        Tourist & Investment Complex at R.O.Y., 64000m - 1992.

        Jaber Border Center Project 35000m Building & 250000m Landscaping (Jordan) – 1991.

        Several Branches for Housing Bank, (Jordan.)

        JPCO offices building in Zarqa, (Jordan) – 1989.

        Journalistic Association Building, (Jordan) – 1989.

        Tourist and Investment Complex at Ma’in (Jordan) – 1980.

        Aqaba Free Zone, (Jordan) – 1980.

        Abha Trading Center (Saudi Arabia) – 1979.

        Al-Muhassin Commercial Center –Saudi Arabia-2001.

        Yarmouk Insurance Company Building in Amman, (Jordan)- 1997.

        Renovation of Various Housing Bank Branches in Jordan- 2002

        Al-Riyadh Gullery Mall – Al-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia-2005

        Al-Reem Commercial Center-Amman, Jordan- 2006

        Adel Ahmad  Office Building – Amman, Jordan-2006

        Wadi Saqra Office Building-Amman, Jordan-2007

        Granada Commercial BUILDING-Amman, Jordan-2008

        Aklouk Commercial BuildingAqaba, Jordan-2008

        Al-Khawam Office Building-Abdali-Amman-Jordan-2008

        Berenice South Beach Facility-Aqaba-2008

        Faris Baqaeen Office –Amman-Jordan-2009

        Al- Alrabia Insurance Company- Amman-2009



3. Educational & Vocational Training Facilities


        Al-Najah University-Palestine-2000

        Al- Elbait Foundation Building in Amman, (Jordan)-1998.

        Amman Academy, Swimming Pool in Amman (Jordan) - 1998.

        Amman Academy in Amman, (Jordan) - 1993.

        Yajouz Training center, (Jordan) - 1980.

        Yarmouk University, Temporary Buildings including swimming pool (Jordan) 1979.

        Hakama Training Center (Jordan) - 1979.

        International School in Amman, (Jordan) - 1978.

        Al-Hussein Youth City-Internal Swimming Pool-Amman (Jordan)-2005


4. Industrial&Pharmaceutical Fctories


        DADVET Veterinary Drugs Factory (Jordan) 1995.

        Pepsi Cola New Plant – Irbid (Jordan) 1995.

        Multipurpose Anti Biotic Plant, (Iraq) 1993.

        Shefa pharmaceutical Industries, (R.O.Y.) 1993.

        Sahab Industrial Estate, (Jordan) 1980.

        Rainbow Factory in Dhlail –(Jordan) 2001

        New Creation Factory in Dhlai- (Jordan) 2001

        Needle Craft Factory in Dhlail- (Jordan) 2001

        TEMCO Factory in Dhlail- (Jordan) 2001

        Bee Line Factory Store- Dhlail-(Jordan) 2005

        Converting Plant/Nuqul Group- (Erainbeh-Jordan)-2006

        Paper Mill Factory-Nuqul Group- (Erainbeh-Jordan)-2007

        Ayla Factory – Madaba, Jordan-2007

        Al-Hikma Pharmaceutical Factory-Extension-(Amman, Jordan)-2008

        Al-Siniora Factory-Extension-(Sahab, Jordan)-2008

        Derrma Pharma Pharmaceatical Factory, Jordan-2008

        JAMS Industrial Complex-Al-Dhlail- Jordan-2009


5. Housing Complexes & Residential Buildings


        Delma Palace – Rest house Project in Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E, 11000m 1983.

        Various Villas and residential houses, (Jordan).

        Various Villas and residential houses, (Saudi Arabia)- 2002

        Various Housing Buildings, (Jordan)-2002

        Sonouber Palace in Amman, (Jordan)- 2002

        Various Villas in Amman (Jordan)-2006

        Various Villas in Amman (Jordan)-2007

        Various Villas in Amman (Jordan)-2008

        Various Villas in Amman (Jordan)-2009



6. Miscellaneous Projects


   *   National Museum in Amman, (Jordan)- 1999.

        King Abdullah Studio in Amman, (Jordan)- 2002.

        TV Media Center in Amman, (Jordan)- 2002.

        King Hussein Car Museum in Amman, (Jordan)- 2002.

        Marina Town in Aqaba, (Jordan)-2002.

        Royal Diving Center in Aqaba, (Jordan) –2002.

        Amman Nature Center in Amman, (Jordan) –2001.

        Aqaba Produce Market in Aqaba, (Jordan)-2002

        Aqaba Arcade in Aqaba, (Jordan)- 2003

        Housing Bank Bonded Extension at Sahab, (Jordan).

        Jordan Bank for Investment Bonded at Sahab, (Jordan

         Arab Bank Central Operation Unit in Amman, Jordan 2004 :

         Al-Dustour Newspaper New Press in Amman, Jordan 2004 :

         Java &Benegan Restaurant, Amman-Jordan-2006

         Stores (Takhzeen) in Aqaba, Joradn-2007

         Pricess Basma Indoor Pool(HVAC&pool ), Amman, Jordan-2008

         Masaya Restaurant. Amman-Jordan-2007

         Karak Society Project-Amman-Jordan-2008

         Jordan Nursing Council-Amman-2009

         Tel Al-Qamar-Souf-Irbid-Jordan-2009



7. Hotels & Resorts


        Renovation of Jordan Intercontinental hotels, Wing “A” including the renovation of the existing fire system and new design of automatic sprinkler system in the whole hotel, (Jordan) – 1989.

        Aqaba Intercontinental Hotel (Beach Resort) in Aqaba, (Jordan)- 2000

         Madaba-In Hotel in Madaba, (Jordan)-2000

         Al-Qrayyat Hotel-Saudi Arabia-2005







8. Water & Sewage Projects


Responsible for designing water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and pipe networks for water reservoirs and deep wells. Also responsible for preparing all related specifications, tender documents and bill of quantities.


        Expansion and upgrading of the wastewater treatment plant / Salt City (Jordan).

        Zarqa Free Zone, including water supply network, heating plumbing. Fire fighting and drainage network (Jordan).

        Jordan Valley Irrigation Project / a 14.5 km extension of the King Abdullah Canal, comprising four pumping stations.

        Jordan Valley Irrigation project, Middle Jordan Valley, comprising five pumping stations.

        Transmission water pipe line from well to reservoir at Sahab Industrial Estate at Sahab, comprising deep well pump with chlorination system.

        Jericho water supply network comprising two pumping station with chlorination system.

        Aqaba Free Zone, including water supply, distribution and external drainage.

        Sahab Industrial Estate, including air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, fire fighting, water supply networks and external drainage (Jordan).

        El-Hassa Housing Project, comprising 400 houses and four public buildings and including a sewage treatment plant and cold water pumping statio



B. Construction Supervision Projects


Responsible for the supervision of construction and installation of all mechanical systems. Follow up, review and approval of submittals, shop drawings, testing, commission and handover.


Responsible for the supervision of the mechanical systems for the following projects:


        Princess Basma Hospital Extension Renovation in Irbid – Jordan 1998

Client Name                   :           MPW – Jordan

            Area                             :           6000m Buildings (New)

                                                            6500m Renovation

Mechanical Systems:                  HVAC, heating, medical gases, plumbing, water supply, drainage, fire fighting, water treatment.

As head office Support and on intermittent site visitations.


        Pepsi Cola-New Plant,  Irbid – Jordan 1996

Client Name                   :           JIAWC – Jordan

Mechanical Systems:                  Ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire fighting, compressed air, steam, water supply and drainage.


        DADVET Veterinary Drugs Factory – Jordan 1995

Client Name                   :           DADVET Co. – Jordan

Mechanical Systems:                  HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting, compressed air, central vacuum cleaning, steam network, water supply and drainage.


        Steel Foundry Project Irbid – Jordan 1994

Client Name                   :           Arab Industrial Engineering Co. – Jordan

Mechanical Systems:                  Ventilation, plumbing, fire fighting, compressed air, water supply and drainage.


        Amman Academy (Jordan) 1993

Client Name                   :           Al Fahoum Co. – Jordan

Mechanical Systems:                  Heating, Ventilation, plumbing, fire fighting, water supply and drainage


        Expansion and Upgrading of the Wastewater Treatment Plant - Salt CityJordan 1990

Client Name                   :           Ministry of Water. – Jordan


        Renovation of Jordan Intercontinental Hotel Wing A – Jordan 1989

Mechanical Systems:                  HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting.


        Jordan Valley Irrigation Project

Middle Jordan Valley, comprising five pumping stations - 1987


        Jordan Valley Irrigation Project/ a 14.5km extension of King Abdullah Canal, comprising four pumping stations – Jordan 1986

Client Name                   :           Jordan Valley Authority  Jordan


        El-Hassa housing Project – Jordan 1985

Client Name                   :           Jordanian Phosphate Mines Co. – Jordan

Mechanical Systems:      400 houses: heating & plumbing

                                                            Four public buildings: HVAC, plumbing

                                                            Sewage treatment plant

                                                            Water pumping station


        Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factory – Jordan 1984

Client Name                   :           APMC – Jordan

            Mechanical Systems:      HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting, compressed air,

steam network, water supply and drainage.


        Salt Cultural Center – Jordan 1983

Client Name                   :           Salt Development Corporation - Jordan

            Mechanical Systems:      Heating, ventilation, plumbing, fire fighting,

water supply and drainage.


        Middle East Insurance BuildingJordan 1983

Client Name                   :           Middle East Insurance Co. - Jordan

            Mechanical Systems:      HVAC, plumbing.


        Zarqa Free Zone – Jordan 1981

Client Name                   :           Free Zone Corporation – Jordan

            Mechanical Systems:      Ventilation, heating, plumbing, fire fighting,

Water supply and drainage.



        Shabsough project offices and parking – Jordan 1981

Client Name                   :           Amman Development Corporation - Jordan

            Mechanical Systems:      Heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire fighting.


Sami Abawi is the founder of our Firm

Our Firm *Khalda* Amman *Jordan*